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Anonymous said: hey babe! I've been a fan of yours for awhile now, and just now finally got the courage to ask if you could write something for me. so here goes: you and harry are dating, and you live together and all that jazz. thing is, you have glasses but you wear contacts during the day. you try and hide it from him cause you think you look ugly with them and then he finally finds out and you work your magic with the rest ;) love you and keep writing because its amazing! (sorry this was so long!)


A/N: You’re so sweet omg I love you and thank you so much! ♡

The irritating and monotonous sound of your alarm clock began to go off at its usual time of 6am. You groaned in annoyance and blindly reached around for your dresser so you could get your glasses from in the drawer. You hid them purposely so Harry wouldn’t know you owned them. You figured it’d save him from having to see you wearing them because you felt absolutely hideous in them.

Finally putting the dark colored rimmed glasses on your eyes you got up quietly out of bed and made your way into the bathroom where you could put in your contacts and pretend as though you didn’t even have glasses. It was risky, but you were absolutely mortified of Harry finding out that you wore glasses.

On your way to the bathroom you heard faint snores coming from Harry’s lips. It was a good thing that he was a heavy sleeper because if he wasn’t he’d hear you fumbling around in the drawer. 

You managed to slip into the bathroom without being noticed and you quickly put in your contacts before hopping into the shower and getting ready for work. You always left your glasses on the counter in the bathroom under your dirty clothes but this time you failed to do that.

"Hey babe," Harry said groggily. He peeked his head into the shower and you gave him a quick kiss. 

"You’re up early," you replied as he closed the curtain. He then turned on the water to the sink and rinsed off his face. 

"I know right," he said while dipping his face down into the water cupped in his hands. He then dried his face with a towel and suddenly noticed your glasses. You turned off the water to the shower as Harry picked up your glasses. 

"Hey babe," he said as you opened the curtain. "Since when do you wear glasses?" You bit down on your lower lip and wrapped yourself in your towel.

"Shit," you muttered under your breath. Harry raised an eyebrow at you and you sighed. "I’ve always worn glasses it’s just I hate wearing them." 

"How come?"

"I look really ugly in them," you said with another deep sigh. Harry rolled his eyes and pulled you into his arms. 

"You’re Y/N, it’s not possible for you to look ugly." He placed a kiss to your cheek and you smiled slightly. 

"I don’t know," you huffed. "I just feel so gross in them." 

Harry shook his head and kissed your temple. “That’s not even possible Y/N. You’re beautiful with glasses or without and I love you very much.”

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Anonymous said: You're good friends with a small romantic spark. Oneday he offers to take you on his motorcycle and you have to hold his body for it but it's kinda awkward. Finally he just places your hands there and it's all cute hehe.


"Well how the hell am I supposed to get home now?" You snapped into the receiver at your sister. Of course the one night you decide to go out of the house your sister decides to get piss drunk at a friends house.

"I’m sorry!" She slurred. You let out a deep sigh and then ended the call with her. You at least were happy that she didn’t get behind the wheel while piss drunk but you wished she didn’t get drunk in the first place.

"Need a ride?" A familiar thick accented voice said. Your friend Harry peered out from the darkness while dangling keys on his pointer finger. You quickly agreed and thanked him as he walked with you to his car. Or so you thought you’d be getting a ride home in a car.

Harry walked over to a motorcycle and quickly hopped on. He looked over at you and gestured for you to get on. You bit down on your lower lip and looked it over, weighing your options. Maybe if you started to walk now you could get home before your 50th birthday…

"Come on Y/N," Harry said and you slowly crept over to the motorcycle. You soon got on it and instantly regretted leaving the house. "Hold onto my waist." He said shyly as he turned back to face you. 

You sat there frozen with fear of the motorcycle but Harry then decided to help you out. He grabbed your hands with his and placed them on his waist. 

"Ready?" He said and you merely nodded all while internally wishing you were home. 

He turned the key in the ignition and the motorcycle was brought to life. Harry began to navigate through the busy streets so he could get you home. You were still slightly scared but you tried not to pay much attention to the fact that you were on a motorcycle. Your grip on Harry’s waist tightened and he smiled. 

"It’s alright," he said when you two stopped at a red light. "It’s okay Y/N." While waiting at the light he placed his hand on top of yours and stroked your hand with his thumb. 

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Making out with a girl for the first time is the coolest thing and the second coolest thing is driving home and getting aware of all the parts of your face where she was and tasting her lip balm on your lips. The third coolest thing is outer space.

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Harry + hugs

Omg I just died!

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In the 5th gif, it looks like he’s trying to fart.

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Harry Styles and Selena Gomez arrive at LAX airport after celebrating her birthday abroad.


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